Advantages of k-top modular housing

Issuing time:2019-11-06 16:10

According to the development status and market analysis of related industries at home and abroad, three advantages of this scheme (namely k-top series of residential products) are determined when compared with similar products

            1. Convenience of transportation   

        The module size of the product is set according to the inner diameter of the container. The building module can be completely loaded into the standard container for sea and land transportation. During the transportation, the collision damage is reduced and the exterior decoration materials and internal decoration facilities are protected. For other large-scale goods that exceed the size of containers, they can only choose frame boxes or bulk carriers for transportation. The transportation costs of both are relatively high. The freight costs in areas with long distance are even higher than the price of houses. Moreover, unstable shipping dates and fewer routes are unfavorable factors. Therefore, standard freight transportation based on container ships is the best solution.  

          2. Diversity of programs       

    Through a number of element modules, a variety of residential space functional units, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, the owners can carry out personalized combination scheme according to their own use needs, and quickly develop their favorite residential scheme.  

        3. The richness of decoration


     The interior decoration of the house and the decorative panel of the external wall are all constructed by dry construction method. The decorative material style is very rich. According to the owner's preference, the decoration material can be flexibly configured to create a comfortable and beautiful living environment.




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