Overview of related industry research at home and abroad 2

Issuing time:2015-03-18 16:03

On May 21, 2019, the contemporary MoMA "dinosaur No. 3" zero energy consumption health integrated house was released in Beijing. The project is a demonstration project of nearly zero energy consumption residential buildings "near zero energy consumption building technology system and key technology development" which is a national key R & D project of the 13th five year plan. It is an excellent modular building product independently developed by China, which is the pride of "created in China".


in summary   

         The application of prefabricated building in the construction industry is global, and it is vigorously promoted in hotel, residential and public building projects all over the world.           

Standardized production of product parts is the focus of construction projects. High standard product quality control will improve the quality of construction, but also increase the construction cost of the project.       

     Prefabricated building has great advantages such as short project cycle, energy conservation and environmental protection sustainability. However, in areas with a little backward economy, the application of prefabricated building is still difficult to popularize due to poor economy. Therefore, fast, fast, good, saving, these four characteristics will be the key and difficult points of the future application of prefabricated buildings.

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