Research and analysis of modular housing market

Issuing time:2016-09-02 16:05

According to statistics, the demand of prefabricated buildings in different types of buildings worldwide accounts for 70%, 20% of collective dormitories, 5% of B & B hotels, and 5% of office and storage buildings. All types of construction cost control is more important, which is the advantage of prefabricated building. Compared with the traditional building mode, prefabricated building has the advantages of high-efficiency energy saving. In the construction process, water, electricity, building materials, energy consumption, labor and construction waste will be greatly reduced. At the same time, industrialized production will greatly reduce the defect rate of products, the thermal insulation, energy saving and comfort of buildings have been greatly improved, and the relevant construction period can be shortened by more than half; housing industrialization has become the mainstream technology of residential construction in developed countries, and the prefabricated component rate of residential buildings in Singapore, Japan and other countries has reached 85%.            According to the data recently released by the United Nations Program and development program, the annual construction area of commercial, cultural, medical, hotel and office buildings in the world has reached 780 million square meters, and it is still increasing by 5.6% every year. It is predicted that the annual demand for prefabricated building area in the world is about 200 million square meters, accounting for about 13% of the total annual residential construction area in the world. In Australia, 120000 independent integrated houses with light steel keel are built every year, about 600 million US dollars, accounting for 24% of the output value of Australian construction industry; in the United States, the number of prefabricated houses is also increasing exponentially, with huge market potential.            In recent years, the general office of the State Council and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development have issued relevant documents for many times, vigorously promoting the application of prefabricated buildings, promoting the research and development of prefabricated technology, and actively encouraging the development of relevant enterprises.


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